Board Chairman and CEO's Message

R. Serkan Aktaş
Board Chairman

Dear Stakeholders,

First of all I kindly extend my greetings and love to all and please note that I am so glad to address you from these lines.

I have assumed the position of Chairperson in conjunction with the change experienced short while ago within the scope our company’s corporate sustainability and management activities.

We target to bring this valuable flag, which I have taken over from our Ex-Chairperson Mrs. İlknur Aktaş, to future and to continue our studies with all our power for the purpose of bringing our company to its rightful place across the world.

There is no doubt that both our country and the world is recently passing through an unusual period. We should escape with small damages from this difficult period, which causes our lives to be changed, and expedite our adaptation to the process namely “new normal”.

We will face with especially information and technology as the factors creating difference in the future world. With this awareness, we aim to continue with full speed our investments in information and technology during the new period in order to effectively fulfill the expectations of future and to maintain sustainable the innovative approaches, which moved into the genes of our company.

Aktaş with its deep rooted past of 80 years and its wide structuring ranging from 6 continents is going to maintain as in the past its captain and leadership position in the sector during the “new normal” system arisen after the pandemic.

At this point there is no doubt that my belief and trust in my valued colleagues and partners, who have a big part in our company to come to these days, is the most important factor keeping fresh our hopes for future.

With this understanding, we aim to continue to make our best efforts to lead with pride to future our mission to “create value” adopted by our company since day one and to make contribution in every respect to public.

Aktaş is always and in all circumstances with you...


İskender Ulusay
Aktaş Holding Chief Executive Officer

Dear Stakeholders of Aktaş Holding,

As the whole world, we are going through a difficult period. We have witnessed a period in which balances have changed significantly both in social and economic life worldwide, as we have never witnessed before.

Even though we have been facing many challenges in 2020 which we had thought would see our ambitious targets and expectations achieved, we still keep our forward prospects strong. 

We must prepare ourselves for the new normal in the best way by overcoming these difficult days as soon as possible.

When we take a retrospective perspective, 2019 was a year in which we, as Aktaş Holding, managed to achieve very successful results within the scope of our global strategic plans.

The power we get from all our employees and stakeholders has a big impact on this success. As a multinational company with its roots dating back to 1938, we were always together on the journey of success we built step by step and we will continue to walk together in the future.

As a company, in line with our sustainable success and growth targets, our efforts to develop different projects for new product groups continue in full swing. At this point, our expectations for the coming years are quite high.

Therefore, we aim to continue to accelerate our development by using our global power and brand value in the most effective way in 2020 and beyond.

As a matter of fact, Aktaş Holding has reached today by targeting the better and perfection. Our journey to the future will continue with the same determination along with the understanding of continuous improvement.

Our company, which is among the world's giants of the sector, feels the same power and excitement it enjoyed when it was first established while advancing rapidly with the goal of achieving better results.  

And this excitement is the driving force that always keeps us strong and energetic in reaching our big goals forward.

With these feelings and thoughts, I wish everyone healthy days ahead and many successes and happy days.

Best regards,


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