Sami Erol - Preface

Precious work friends,

We, as Aktaş Holding, has adapted an innovative approach as the basic principle by giving priority to the customer satisfaction and quality, since the day we were founded.

All our business processes and the current strategy are shaped directly proportional to our growth targets in the global arena. We give great priority to develop our products as the technology allows, with never compromising our quality standards while presenting the most suitable and innovative solutions for the market requirements in the sector we serve.

Aktaş Holding, meeting the technologies of future with today, has the pride of coming to the forefront with the “quality” phenomenon under all conditions in front of the customers, shareholders, business partners, and the companies which she competes in the global market, today as it was in the past, by adapting perfections as the principle in all products and services.

While determining the quality standards always at the highest level, the companies being able to add value both to the region they are in and to the sector in the global markets where competitive market conditions are dominant, being able to making the customer satisfaction a priority are the absolute must criteria of the future planning.

The institutionalized companies which can have human centered approach, adapt innovativeness and target perfection can manage to be a step forward from the other ones in the sector which it serves.

Aktaş Holding, as one of the companies which guide the sector with her current institutionalized structure, has the position of a brand where values are produced and kept with the quality management systems and the approach targeting the sustainable success.

As the technology advances every day, the companies which try to present the product and service quality to the customers in the best way in the reliability scale establish a perception in the eyes of all stakeholders with the quality standards.

Aktaş Holding provides this perception with the top level of satisfaction as well as she shall continue all the businesses in the next periods with the same determination to protect this.

Best regards,

Sami Erol  / Chief Executive Officer and member of the board of directors of Aktaş Holding







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