Sami Erol described the way to success to the students

Aktaş Holding, leader in Turkey and among in the first three companies in the world in the air suspension bellows sector, continues to make contribution to the future planning of the students by meeting with the students in various organizations.

Aktaş Holding has added the conversation organized in the Nilüfer IMKB Science High School in the Odunluk Neighbor to the last ring of the chain of meeting with the students.

While Sami Erol, chief executive officer and member of the board of directors of Aktaş Holding, participated in the organization in the on behalf of Aktaş Holding, Erol gave examples in his own business and social life and made very valuable sharing to the students on how they should position their career steps.

Saying that “As individuals create value in their lives, so they can define their expectations related with happiness in that direction”, Erol said to students that they should determine correctly what they want to be in the future and climb the career steps one by one according to that target”.

Outlining that the time of being student should be used very good, Erol, when emphasizing the importance of especially the personal development and ability, pointed out that the students must direct their lives according to the “world citizenship” phenomenon with the advantages of knowing language.

“Give priority to value creating”

Sami Erol, also sharing the examples from his own business and social life with the students, in the conversation performed in an interactive way, said that each stop in the career journey is a tool at the point of obtaining the point targeted and providing the necessary competence.

Conveying that the main criterion which the person may determine for himself during his life is “creating value”, Erol, when giving priority that the real happiness in the life of an individual is to add value to the society and environment he is in, sharing of Erol took great applause from the students.

Sami Erol, not forgetting the questions of the students following the presentation he made, plate was given to Erol for his valuable speeches by the school management of the Nilüfer IMKB Science High School at the end of the conversation.










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