World no tobacco day, February 9

There are more than 4000 chemicals, toxic for the body and carcinogenic, in cigarette, one of the most important problems threating the public health. It was scientifically proven that 50 of them cause directly cancer.

Heart attack risk is 3 times more for the smokers, compared with non-smokers. Again, similarly, lung cancer risk is 20 times more for the smokers, compared with non-smokers.

Mouth, tongue, lip, throat, esophagus, pancreas, kidney, bladder, prostate, cervical cancer risks are also high for smokers.

Cigarette is one of the important factors increasing the risk of cerebrovascular diseases, leg gangrenes, stroke risk, miscarriage and premature risks for women.

It is absolutely required to stop smoking by struggling against smoking which is very popular among youth since it is easily accessible.

The parents have big responsibilities in this subject for their children not start smoking. For this, first of all the parents must stay clear of this harmful habit.

It is hard to get rid of an addictive material but not impossible. Because of this, it must be determined on struggle against smoking, it is possible to break this addiction with the treatment methods to be made under the supervision of physicians.

You may take an important step for struggling against smoking by drinking a lot of water, walking and doing exercise. February 9th is celebrated as the no tobacco day in the country, like in the world, every year. Let’s struggle against smoking all together, which causes a lot of chronic and terminal diseases…





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