February 4, World cancer day

February 4 was declared as the “world cancer day” in all world in order to increase the social consciousness against a disease which causes millions of deaths and most of which are preventable across the world and to increase awareness on the disease.

February 4 is a day, commemorated by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and Turkish Association for Cancer Research and Control (TKASK) organizes various campaigns and activities.

Cancer is known as an important public health problem, second after the heart and vascular diseases in the death order in the country and world.

Since the deaths occurring due to cancer increase every day, it is anticipated that cancer will have the first rank in the death order in the future years.

Cancer types, depending on the ratio of seeing in the body parts:

Brain and spinal cord 1%

Skin 10%

Genital regions: 20% for men and 8% for women

Breast 14%

Digestive system 25%

Respiratory tract: 2% for men, 3% for women

Liver and gall bladder 3%

Other organs 8%

“Not impossible”

159 thousand persons were received a cancer diagnosis in 2014 in the country. According to the researches, the annual cost of cancer in Turkey amounts 2,5 million dollars.

It is put forward that there are basic solutions against cancer and their accessibility under the title of “not impossible” which is selected as the main theme of cancer day, 2015.

In the scope of this campaign, protection against cancer, early diagnosis, how the things known on the treatment would be realized are evaluated and it is targeted that cancer load and effects are decreased in global level.

The 4 areas focused on are:

- Selecting healthy life,

- Providing early diagnosis,

- Treatment for everybody,

- Life quality.

Cancer should be considered as a situation affecting not only the individual getting this disease but also the entire family and relatives and a struggle approach should be developed in this respect.

Cancer is a preventable disease and one third of the cancer cases can be prevented with correct prevention strategies.

Don’t forget, early diagnosis saves life!


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