Preamble: We Use Resources Effectively and Contribute to the Future

Hello Everyone,

Due to the rapid population growth, consumption rate and unsustainable approaches in the world, world resources are at risk of decreasing day by day.

In today's world where energy resources are rapidly depleted, we, as a whole humanity, have to fulfill our responsibilities regarding the environment.

At this point, the effective and efficient use of resources has become extremely important.

What we call resource efficiency actually means focusing on creating more value through more efficient use of limited and exhaustible resources such as raw materials, energy and water.

With this awareness, all humanity needs to think more broadly in the use of resources.

We, as Aktaş Holding, are focused on efficiency in all our processes, as we have been doing for more than 80 years, and continue our work with the understanding of contributing to a sustainable future.

Because we know that shaping the future is in our hands. For this, whatever we have to do, we must aim to do them in the best way possible.

While we take care to use depleting resources effectively for a greener and more livable world, we support these efforts with the investments we make.

Therefore, as Aktaş Holding, with the awareness of being a global company, we give priority to works that will contribute to all humanity by focusing on creating more value with less input.

Best regards,

R. Serkan AKTAŞ

Aktaş Holding’s Chairperson of the Board

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