Preamble: We Believe in the Power of Change and Contribute to Future


We are in a period where change is experienced very rapidly in every field through technology.

Businesses are also trying hard to keep up with this change and not to be left behind in the face of the speed of change.

In this process, innovation has become vitally important.

Innovation is one of the important competitive strategies for companies to open up to new markets, increase their current market share and ensure sustainability in the markets.

So much so that the rapid change in the globalizing world makes it necessary for companies to develop new technologies and invest in innovation in order to stand out from their competitors in the market.

Therefore, we are in the age of technology and we have to take the appropriate steps in every sense.

With this awareness, as Aktaş Holding, we are striving to carry our mission of being the pioneer of innovations and change in the sector, to which we attach great importance since our establishment, to the future with confident steps.

Because Aktaş means innovation and change.

Based on this fact, we, as a company, give great importance to R&D and innovation, and make serious investments in this field, while presenting the technologies of the future to the markets at today's standards.

While we continue to follow technological developments closely, we will continue our efforts to build a sustainable future with an innovative perspective.

Best regards,

İskender ULUSAY

Aktaş Holding's Chief Executive Officer

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