Personel Interview

Mariya Raykova, Chief accountant at Techno Aktas

1)    Could you introduce yourself briefly?

I come from Rakovski. I have two children, twins (a boy and a girl). I finished UNWE in Sofia. My subjects are Accounting and Corporate Finance. When I have a free time I prefer to be with my family, I love cooking, travelling and being in nature, reading books and playing the piano.

2)    What did you feel when you apply for the first time in Aktas Holding?

When I visited the company for the first time I was very impressed by the management and the environment. I strongly wished to be part of the team of Techno Aktas.

3)    How long have you been working in Aktas Holding?

I have been working in the company since 2013. I can tell that this time almost slipped by for me. I was engaged in the tasks and responsibilities that I have.

4)    Which departments have you worked in?

I have worked as an accountant from 2000 to 2010 and I have worked as a Chief accountant since 2013 till now. I have worked only in finance and accounting area and I have experience in all areas of accounting and corporate finance.

5)    What does Aktas Holding mean for you?

The first three words which come to my mind when I hear Aktas Holding are: Family, Prestige and Success. I spend most of my time in the company and I’m fully committed to my work and my obligations which I fulfill with love. I accept the success of the Holding as my own and I’m proud that I’m part of the family of Aktas Group.


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