Article - Rahşan İ. YORULMAZ : BRIDGE

I always assimilate our country to a bridge. Even I started to more assimilate it to a suspended bridge shaking hither and thither with the last earthquake analyses. Not only physical; a connection between civilization and west, countries of the first world and of the third world, religion, race, energy, water, from cold to hot, black to white for everything…

It is the same case when we read, work, define the basic rules, principles in our life. We cause our children to attend in violin, piano course, dance in weddings of relatives and our son who came from fencing course learn wrestle and knock down their father at home.

It is the same case in the business life:  we know to be disciplined like the western people and fox like the eastern people. We try to achieve producing the quality adopted by the West at a cheaper price like Far East in recent years. Well, the common denominator is “Productivity” at their intersection point…

The concepts that we mostly use in recent times are the approaches to form the productivity assembly. Value analyses, benefit-cost approach, efficient use of resources… Produce the proper quality with the least resource at the unit time.

Successful companies define the key performance criteria as “productivity”. For instance, they consider “improvement percentages in unit production costs” to carry them to the future as well as turnover or market shares. Our main criteria, as Aktas family, is to rise based on the “efficient, productive, flexible” approach. “It means that nobody thinks nothing in an environment where everybody thinks the same thing” said Walter Lipmann… New and different ideas that we shall develop are very valuable and the strategies to designate future of our company shall b formed by these proposals.

Our selling prices are defined by our competitors working more productively than us and our purchase prices are defined by our suppliers knowing our competitors better than us. Our achievement is only the optimum output in a faster and more efficient manner and with less resource in the present time with the wars and crises at our elbow.

“The universe changes to remain the same but we change to be different.” John Fowles

We wish to achieve leadership by creating difference.

Rahsan Ilkay YORULMAZ - Technical and Management Systems Director

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