Article - Tuğba YÜCETÜRK : Sustainable Productivity with Team Work

There are many books, magazines, gazette articles regarding team membership, team works and sustainable productivity.

Many companies which desire to prevent unwieldiness and create new ideas include team work in their daily life.

Being in a team composed of right persons both increases individual performance and results in high quality results to that extent

Well, the critical question and managerial talent step in at this point asking how a common culture may be defined in your team to create a common culture, how right persons may be found or how we may consider the available persons at the right points…

It is stated in the news in HBR December 2013: “The persons previously studied in this field like Harvard psychology professor Richard Hackman who searched performance of the flight crew revealed that teams have also a learning curve just like individuals. Teams perform better in general when their members start to be familiar with each other.” Namely, achieving sustainability of teams increase their productivity many times more just like companies.

When familiarity increased by 50% in a software company, faults decreased by 19% and percentage of deviation from the budget decreased by 30%. A performance increase occurred by 10% in audit and consultancy teams by 10% as stated by the customers.

Determine Behavior Models of Persons Accurately

Knowing representation systems of team members increases harmony in the team. Visual ones, audio ones, tactile ones...

It increases work productivity if it is used properly and sufficiently.

Visual ones think fast, make generalization, perform more than one work at the same time. You must be able to visually animate the matter when you tell them something.

Audio ones are good listeners and give the meaning by reading and hearing. It is required to speak clearly and understandably to address the audio ones.

Tactile ones like implementing personally and learn the work by performing it. It is required to create opportunities to reveal their emotions.

Knowing the representation system of the individual would enable you to establish a more efficient, harmonic and trusting relationship with him/her.

Respect is not sufficient; Liking is compulsory!

Ensure peace in the working environment. That’s the whole point…

It is essential to designate amusement times and ensure people like each other. Thus, communication fed by the non-working hours would increase tolerance of persons to each other during the absolute working hours which would directly affect the working yield.

Individuals in the team must see themselves as a whole with the same goal, not as rivals in order to achieve joint “success”. Individuals must focus on the same goal without being interested in the person who is appreciated; they must make all their efforts and creativity to achieve it.

One of the most important factors required for joint success is sincere and faithful appreciation. Teams which may make it as a part of the culture become groups having self-energy, dynamic, enjoying working and finally capable of achieving jointly.

Hidden Leaders and Men of Duty

Determine talents accurately. There are hidden leaders and star talents that we may shine when the time is ripe in each team.

Well, we should note these persons at one side of our notebook and train them in a manner equipped so that we may leave them treacherous waters when the day is ripe. The supporting process takes place in the entire team noticeably or by training the spare ones without being noticed by any person… It is your choice.

The researchers indicate that 73% of commercial aviation accidents occur on the first day when the crew fly together. However, a study of NASA found that any crew who are tired but familiar with each other make mistake half of those who are rested but not familiar with each other.

It is much easier to access to work knowledge. Many companies, even individuals may have access to many resources related to the business life. In this case, companies must have more discriminating characteristics to differentiate themselves, in other words, make much wiser decisions.

It is essential for each team to identify talents in their structure, catch persons having leadership qualification in their character in the present working conditions. Visionary directors consider future potential achievement of the talent discovered by them as well as their present achievement.

However, men of Duty are compulsory for the present; it is difficult to catch today – turn gears of the locomotive without them. It is equivalent of defining routine if we do not lose the men of duty forming the spinal cord of the team with certain lines.

Form a learning structure

Learning capacity of your team and company must be determined to form a learning organization firstly. Redding defined it in 3 dimensions in 1994: learning speed, learning depth, learning width…

In 1998, however, Goh designated the learning organization based on 5 basic strategies: Mission and Vision, Leader, Experience, Knowledge Transfer, Team Work and Cooperation…

Individuals learning fast in the learning organizations have become a competitive factor for companies. They may adapt culture of the learning organization to the extent individuals improve themselves.

A learning organization provides advantage in solution of operational problems, development of new technologies, trying new procedures and technologies, information inflow in the organization. Its permanency and sustainability provides success in your team.

It is compulsory to create common values to achieve sustainable productivity with team work. Designate the productivity factors of your team with your colleagues.

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