Sami Erol - Preface

The Valuable Stakeholder of Aktaş;

No doubt the fact that the phenomenon of productivity is one of the most important factors given priority by corporate firms in their present and future planning… All firms, producing service in the local, national or international arena, aim at maximizing the productivity criterion with a properly-planned performance management in addition to the sustainable success by prioritizing value creation.

The productivity criterion is the primary of the criteria which must be considered by firms, whichever sector they provide service, to get the most efficient results by using the limited resources in a rational manner and to the benefit of the society and human and with respect to the nature and increase the quality of life.

Any companies which achieve productivity and rational use of human resources are able to take one more step than others in the globalizing world economy where a competitive structure is in the foreground with the boundaries, societies, cultures approach to each other more each passing day.

The countries having the highest economy of the world give great importance to productivity increase all the time in order to further improve the current standards of their country, maintain and enhance their current economic condition and guarantee their future.

Such productivity provides very profitable returns when it is used in all production and sale processes, cost statement, product planning, use of energy, proper management of human resource and, in short, all aspects sustaining the firm in the most efficient manner.

As seen, maintaining and managing productivity in the most proper manner is one of the sine qua non of the global economy from now on… At this point, we, as Aktaş Holding, make effort to digest all factors required to increase productivity with a great diligence in our past, present and future.

Our aim, as Aktaş Holding, is to properly manage the resources while we gradually achieve our targets for the future and continue to consider all aspects required for productivity and carry our present time to the future.

Best Regards,

Sami Erol

Aktaş Holding Board Member / Chief Executive Officer

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