8 March International Women's Day

Making great contributions to the formation of contemporary civilization with their roles, our women are the architects of a peaceful, healthy and modern society and they are the symbol of love, respect, sacrifice and tolerance.

One of the prerequisites for being a contemporary country is that women are educated, knowledgeable and conscious. In this respect, it is very important that women take part in all aspects of life from education to art, from science to politics.

At the same time, our women, the cornerstones of the family institution, carry their success in the economic and social life to the future with the generations they grow. 8 March International Women's Day constitutes a significant awareness for women, who always make significant contributions to their family and society, to take the place they deserve in all areas of life and to contribute to the solution of their problems.

On this occasion, as Aktas Holding, we celebrate 8 March International Women's Day and wish healthy and happy days for all women in the hope of a world where women are more involved in every stage of life, where violence against women is prevented and gender discrimination ends.

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