Exclusive File: Future Plan of Export; R&D and Innovation

In today's world, companies are trying to make a difference and stand out against their rivals under an intense competition pressure. In our current and ever-changing era of technology, enterprises that attach importance to R&D activities and ensure their continuity, and whose innovations can be implemented, have a competitive advantage in the long term.

In the current period, new business methods, new designs and marketing techniques have started to be at the forefront for the companies. Innovation and R&D activities are now a must for firms and these elements provide a great contribution to exports.

The quality of the product offered to the market in exports has become extremely important. Therefore, the technology-intensive products are distinguished to a great extent. In the world where global competition conditions change, R&D and innovation activities are among the important factors in order to achieve a successful export performance and to ensure this continuity.

In the international markets, it is now vital to come to the forefront with the qualifications of products or services. The way to achieve this is to create added value. At this stage, R&D and innovation are among the elements needed to generate added value.

Consequently, enterprises are able to achieve sustainable growth figures, increase their productivity continuously, and produce and export technology-intensive and high-value products and depend on their investments in R&D and innovation. Firms that focus on these two components will grow faster, provide more employment and contribute more to the national economy.

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