Preface: Aktas Holding Forms the Future Vision through Digital Branding and Marketing

Our esteemed stakeholders,

As it is known, information in today's world, primarily the new world order, passes through a period in which the technology rapidly changes and consequently the business and social life styles are greatly influenced by this change.

Of course, while the digitalizing world is pushing the business models to modernize, it also necessitates the transformation of existing business and technology infrastructures.

The most important point in adapting to digitized business processes seems to provide adaptation of the business and employees as a whole to new processes.

If companies could not fulfill this transformation in a quick and effective way, they can face the danger of extinction in a global competitive environment.

On the other side, as Aktas Holding, which is the "pioneer of change and transformation" in the sector, we put forward the theme of 2017 with the theme of "Leadership with Digital Branding and Marketing" in the framework of our long and medium-term strategic plans.

In this respect, our company, which prioritizes sustainable success by resolutely fulfilling all the requirements of becoming a global player in the industry by internalizing the local expectations all over the world, will continue to operate digitization-intensive work on its branding journey.

Besides, as Aktas Holding, we continue to work with a conscious awareness that, primarily, digital transformation strategies should be established in order to achieve the successful results in the future oriented digital transformation journey that is focused on the future.

We focus on the new ways of performing business in this area in the direction of our corporate vision, while we have achieved very successful results in our transformation activities.

In this respect, while I am ending my words, we as Aktas Holding which continues its works with the goal of being the world leader in its sector, we aim to continue to proceed with sure steps towards our targets with the power we have obtained from our stakeholders with the concept of "global trust, local sincerity".

Best regards,


Aktas Holding – Chief Executive Officer and Board Member

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