File Topic: Digitalization in Corporate Companies

The rapid variability in customer expectations in the global markets, widespread use of emerging technology and internet are among the most important factors that make the change in the digital field compulsory for companies.

Because, in the markets where competition is growing day by day, all the companies that desire to preserve their assets are best suited to this fast conversion process, and they are obliged to respond to customer requests in the best and efficient way.

In respect of companies that do not want to lose their competitive power, the speed with which they can anticipate changing customer needs, and respond to their needs in real time, is also proportionally shaped directly by the capabilities of the company.

The process called "digital transformation" is while one of the most important strategies to reach the targets of the company, it is necessary to include the process in the existing system in order to make the processes for the customers suitable for the conditions of the day.

Under the light of constantly developing technology, businesses should always aim for excellence at the point of realizing mobile and cloud-based applications for real-time needs, making information more portable to stand out from the rest, in the new competitive environment.

In this respect, together with the digitization which is among the basic requirements that will bring the companies into service in the future, Cloud, mobile, social work network, and major data technologies confront us as the keys for the modernization.

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