Sami Erol - Preface

My very precious colleagues, our valuable Aktaş stakeholder,

Aktaş Holding, continuing to add value to the country, society, economy, and environment in all regions she serves, continues with all determination her businesses without compromising even a little, from the “sustainable success” target, she determined for herself in the first day she started her journey while continuing her journey to the future.

Our company brings the responsibility of being in a position having a corner in the national and international area to the top level with the vision and mission she has and the values she created until today while providing a sustainable economic growth model which establishes a role model to the global companies, the innovative products combining today with the future, the human power having the competence in their areas to the sector she serves with innovative approach focusing on change.

In our journey to 2023 we act with the perfectness approach and move forward in parallel with the vision of the country, while the priority determines based on “customer satisfaction” in all circumstances in all our activities as a global company, we are in an endeavor for fulfilling our social responsibility principles with care in the actions which will add value to the geography we live in.

Great duty and responsibilities fall to all of us on adding a new ring to the value chain of Aktaş Holding every day. I believe in that all individuals of Aktaş family fulfill their parts far better on this subject.

We will try to reach our existing targets by managing the decision mechanism in the most correct way, which focuses on sustainable success today and in all our activities in the future and by taking the most useful results.

Our basic priority in this journey to the summit we started as Aktaş Holding will be continuing the existing process with the determination in the first day by continuing our existing productivity and success in all of the parameters such as production, sales, marketing, planning, HR, procurement, strategy, and communication.

Best regards,

Sami Erol

Chief executive officer and member of the board of directors of Aktaş Holding,

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