Employees of Aktaş Holding relieved stress in the

Aktaş Holding, leader in Turkey and among the first three companies in the world in the air suspension bellows industry, continues to make contribution to develop the feeling of unity and solidarity among the employees by gathering the personnel together in the organizations it organizes at certain intervals.

Aktaş Holding lastly performed the organization for visiting Uludağ, the white paradise, with the participation of the employees serving in Bursa.

In the event made in March 1st, while the Aktaş personnel had the opportunity to come together with the spouses and children, the Uludağ meeting of the Aktaş Family witnessed very joyful moments.

In the visit which the Aktaş personnel performed for one day, while the participants had fun of the white cover and skiing to the depletion in Uludağ, they mentioned the satisfaction they had due to the entertaining program realized.

Sami Erol, chief executive officer and member of the board of directors of Aktaş Holding, stating that such organizations organized from time to time have great important for increasing the productivity, gave the good news that they will continue to perform the organizations enabling that the employees relieve stress in the future too.

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