Aktaş Holding didn't forget the "International Women's Day"

Aktaş Holding, leader in Turkey and among the first three companies in the world in the air suspension bellows industry made its female workers gathered in the organization organized because of March 8th, International Women’s Day.

Aktaş Holding, not forgetting the female employees in March 8th every year performed the organization in this year in the social facilities of DOSABSIAD while the joyful meeting where female personnel of Aktaş gathered witnessed colorful scenes.

While the activity which İlknur Aktaş, chairman of the board of directors of Aktaş Education Foundation didn’t leave the personnel alone started with the lunch, the surprise gifts prepared specially for female employees of Aktaş Holding by sponsor company Red Bull were given to the participants.

Expert psychologist Filiz Yakmaz Basılgan, from Private Hayat Hospital, performed very useful conversation for the female employees of Aktaş Holding in the organization give information on the role of women in social and business life, work life – domestic life balance of working mother, the importance of the child responsibility in her speech which she emphasized the meaning and importance of the day.

Basılgan, making sharing especially on how the approach of the families to the children should be, pointed out that it is required to create awareness across the society on the negligence and abuse situations the children are subjected to.

Following the conversation which the personnel of Aktaş had the opportunity to direct the issues they are curious of to psychologist Basılgan, passed in an interactive way, while Filiz Yakmaz Basılgan mentioned the pleasure of coming together with the Aktaş Family, İlknur Aktaş, chairman of the board of directors of Aktaş Education Foundation, conveyed her thanks to Basılgan for her informative sharing.

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