E-Bulletins / Issue 78
Preamble- We Focus On Technologies of Future In New Era

We have welcomed the New Year with new goals and expectations after the end of 2020 which was overshadowed by the Covid-19 pandemic. First of all, I wish to congratulate you all in the New Year.
File Topic - Focus of Companies In 2021 To Be Digitalization

With the rapid progress of technology, especially the digitalization processes make themselves felt in every aspect of our lives.
Touching Video From Aktaş

Aktaş Holding, which prepared a meaningful video with the participation of its employees within the scope of December 3, International Day of Persons with Disabilities, managed to create a significant awareness on this subject by preparing a special video titled "No Obstacle to Sharing Life".
Aktaş Holding Introduces Youth Into World of World Citizenship

The support provided to young people by Aktaş Holding continues unabated. The company undertook the online seminars project in association with the Bursa branch of the AIESEC, an international leadership development movement.
Aktaş Holding Joins PARGETalks

Aktaş Holding's support for young people continues unabated. Aktaş Holding Human Resources and Corporate Communications Group Manager Oylum Öztürk Erdem attended the "PargeTalks" training organized by PARGE.
Rowing To Success Thanks To Sponsorship by Aktaş

Erden Eruç, who sailed into the ocean under the sponsorship of Aktaş Holding within the scope of the "KaslaGit" project and made history as the man who spent at sea record-breaking 876 days in 2007, entered the Guinness World Records Book.
Working Journalists Day Message

The press, which is an indispensable requirement of democracies, plays an important role in providing accurate information and ensuring the right to receive news.
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