E-Bulletins / Issue 68
Preface: Our Support For Young People Who Represent The Future Of Our Country To Continue

In the business world where a rapid change is experienced, it becomes more and more difficult for companies to reach the skilled workforce. In this intense competitive environment, it has become an important condition for companies to be able to attract talents and to improve themselves continuously.
File Topic: Phenomenon of Investment in the Future in Companies

The world is changing very quickly. While this change also makes itself felt in the new economic order, we see that companies that invest in and support young people build their future with stronger foundations. At this point, companies that invest in the right and bright future talents have many advantages in global competition.
Aktaş Holding Presents Career Opportunities for University Graduates

Aktaş Holding, which is among the largest companies in the world in the production of air suspension system, launched a very important project aimed at offering opportunities to new graduates and contributing to the future of Turkey. Aktaş Holding, which attaches great importance to the employment of young employees, graduated its first trainees within the scope of "Aktaş Career School" launched last year in an effort to let the new graduates get to know the corporate culture of Aktaş Holding and prepare them for the business world in the best way possible.
Aktaş Holding Comes Together with Students at University of Thrace

Aktaş Holding continues to come together with young talents. Within the scope of the carrier events themed "Talents Everywhere" at the University of Thrace organized all across Turkey with contribution of the Presidential Human Resources Office, the company came together with students in its stand.
Aktaş Holding Exhibits Its Latest Technology Products In The Biggest Building Fair Of Uzbekistan

AK-İZO Insulation Systems, which is a part of Aktaş Holding Building Group and the first and leading manufacturer of EPDM membranes in our country, has set its sights on the international arena. With the largest market share in the sector in Turkey with Lineflex brand, the company has participated in Uzbekistan's biggest building and construction fair, UzBuild, with its state-of-the-art technology offering new generation waterproofing solutions.
Protocol Visit to Techno Aktaş

Techno Aktaş, the production center of Aktaş Holding in Bulgaria, has hosted important official dignitaries.
Trainings at Aktaş Holding Continue Unabated

Aktaş Holding added new training activities to the training activities programs that employees participate both within and outside the company and which are carried out throughout the year.
18 March Gallipoli Victory and Martyrs' Remembrance Day

March 18 Gallipoli Victory, which was won under the leadership of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and which is one of the most important victories of the Turkish nation and plays a key role in our history, is also of great importance in terms of world history.
Happy Green Crescent Week!

Today, people continue to consume substances such as alcohols, cigarettes and drugs, even though they know their harm. Increasing dependence on substances can bring about various social and health problems.
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