E-Bulletins / Issue 67
Preamble - We prioritize diversity and inclusion in our talent pool

In this issue, I would like to mention gender equality which is one of our most important priorities as a company.
File Topic: Gender Equality in Business Life

The phenomenon of gender equality can be defined as the situation where men and women have equal rights in all spheres of life.
Leadership Development Program Launched

Aktaş Holding attaches importance to the development of its employees who are its "most valuable resource" and continues to offer opportunities to unleash their potential. The launch of the Unit Leader Development Program, which is the second phase of the First Level Manager Project implemented within the company, was realized with the organization.
An Exemplary Behavior from Techno Aktaş

Techno Aktaş, the production base of Aktaş Holding in Bulgaria, added a new one to their social responsibility studies in the region. The Company donated to the Vasil Petleshkov House – the children at Bratsigovo.
Aktaş Holding Participates in HDAW Fair in USA

Aktaş Holding, one of the largest companies of the sector in the world, continues to participate in fairs in the international arena. The company participated in the Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week 2020 (HDAW) organization held in the USA on 27-30 January.
Aktaş Holding Competes in Intercompany Basketball Tournament

Aktaş Holding joined a new organization within the scope of its efforts to support sports and athletes. Aktaş Holding Basketball Team registered with the league in order to compete in Bursa Company Basketball League.
Aktaş Raises New Leaders

The training-development program has started within the scope of the First Level Manager Project implemented within Aktaş Holding. Through the training by Instructor Ömer Uzun, titled "Leadership based on Trust and Cooperation", employees were informed about the significance of trust and cooperation for an effective leadership.
Digital Transformation and Smart Firms’ Road Map Discussed

Aktaş Holding Information Technologies Manager Gökçem Tokay spoke in the panel titled "Digital Transformation and Smart Companies' Roadmap" at the Bursa 2020 meeting organized as part of the IT Vision Anatolia Meetings.
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