E-Bulletins / Issue 66
Preface: Aktaş Holding is shaping its strategies based on future technologies

In this issue of our newsletter, I would like to mention the future-oriented works carried out by the industry and our company on the axis of Industry 4.0.
File's Topic: The Impact of the Developing Technology on the Sector

With the developing technology, we see that the sector is increasingly being shaped on concepts such as artificial intelligence, internet of objects, driverless vehicles and autonomous systems.
Aktaş Holding Awarded

Aktaş Holding, which always acts with the vision of being the pioneer of innovations in the 80-year-old company tradition, is presented award after award in recognition of its achievements. Aktaş Holding was awarded in the "Employee Management" category at the Innovation Awards organized by BUSİAD.
İskender Ulusay Gives Practical Advices to Young People

İskender Ulusay, Aktaş Holding's CEO, who participated as a speaker in the "Clues from CEOs" event held at Ulusağ University, gave important advices to young people about their future careers and lives.
Aktaş Holding's Support to Students Continues

Aktaş Holding, which lends continuous support to young people who represent the future of this country, participated in the "Career Goals" event, hosting the leading companies of the sector, organized by Uludağ University Human Resources Group (ULİNKA).
Aktaş Holding Attaches Importance to International Business Development

Aktaş Holding, which continues its activities all over the world and provides significant added value to the economy in all the regions it is active, participated in the organization hosted for the former Germany President Christian Wulff by Fast Company Turkey Founders Rauf Ateş and Özcan Tahincioğlu.
İskender Ulusay Gives Interview to Bloomberg HT

İskender Ulusay, Aktaş Holding's CEO, was the guest of the live broadcast on the "Piyasa Hattı" program at Bloomberg HT. Ulusay evaluated the 2019 performance of Aktaş Holding and the overall sector and shared the 2020 targets.
Aktaş Holding Values Quality Studies

Aktaş Holding, which has given priority to sustainable quality since its establishment, participated in the EFQM Model (2020) Presentation Meeting organized by KalDer Bursa Branch with the aim of spreading the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model.
Delegation from Presidency of Defense Industries Visits Aktaş Holding

Aktaş Holding, one of the biggest brands of the sector in our country and in the world, hosted the head of the Presidency of Defense Industries which is linked to the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir and his delegation at its factory in the Organized Industrial Zone.
Şahap Aktaş Participates in DTİK Sofia Meeting

Şahap Aktaş, Honorary Chairman of Aktaş Holding Board of Directors, participated in the DTİK Sofia Meeting organized by DEİK / World Turkish Business Council (DTİK.
New Year Excitement in Aktaş Holding Family

As in every year, Aktaş Holding entered the year 2020 by organizing a New Year celebration for its employees. Aktaş’ employees shared the excitement of New Year with enthusiasm and there were colorful scenes in the organization.
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