E-Bulletins / Issue 65
Preface: Aktaş Holding at full throttle with its Industry 4.0 activities

With the rapid change in technology, the automotive sector is experiencing a serious global change as in almost every field.
File Subject: The effect of industry 4.0 and autonomous systems on the sector

The automotive sector is one of the sectors most affected by the rapid change in technology.
Aktaş Holding Participates in Automechanika Shanghai Fair with its Latest Technology Products

Aktaş Holding represented our country in the best way with its innovative technologies developed as a result of R & D studies at Automechanika Shanghai (Shanghai) Fair, which was hosted by China on December 3-6, which is one of the biggest gatherings of the sector in the region.
Aktaş Holding takes part in Bursa Human Resources Meeting

Aktaş Holding met at the 6th Bursa Human Resources and Employment Meeting with potential Aktaş employees who will support its operations in different locations of the world with the slogan "How about being a part of our team?". Aktaş Holding attracted the attention of visitors with the stand it opened in the organization.
'Aktaş Speaks' Project at Full Throttle

The "Aktaş Speaks" project, which has been realized with the aim of letting Aktaş Holding's employees, as the "most valuable resource" of the company, share their ideas directly with the management and which is highly appreciated by the employees, continues at full throttle.
Şahap Aktaş Conveys his Experiences to University Students

Şahtaş Aktaş, Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aktaş Holding met with the students of PhD and Master's degrees at Uludağ University. During the meeting held at Aktaş Holding, Şahap Aktaş shared his knowledge and experiences in business life with a pleasant presentation.
Aktaş Holding Participates in “Automotive Meetings-Bursa

Aktaş Holding continues to participate in almost every organization where the sector meets under one roof. In this context, the company held important business meetings with its existing and potential customers with its stand at the second "Automotive Meetings-Bursa" organization and hosted by the Bursa Organized Industrial Zone.
General Achievement Awards Covering the Third Quarter of 2019 Received

The winners of the general achievement awards given by Aktaş Holding every three months were awarded. Servet Baytok, İlhami Dikyoloğlu and Ümit Elikesik received awards and certificates at the award ceremony covering the third quarter of 2019.
Aktaş Holding Hosts Petrol-İş Union Members

Aktaş Holding hosted Petrol-İş Union Board members in its factory in Bursa Organized Industrial Zone within the scope of the organization.
Full Support to Employees from Aktaş Holding

Aktaş Holding continues to support its employees in external organizations. Aktaş Holding Sales Officer Oytun Güngör participated in the Eurotour Antalya Open Tournament, one of the most prestigious pool billiards tournaments in the world, under the sponsorship of Aktaş Holding.
Aktaş Holding Continues to Participate In Fairs

Aktaş Holding continues to participate in various fair organizations held in different parts of the world at sectoral level.
Aktaş Holding Attaches Importance to Sustainable Quality

Continuing its journey of excellence with the understanding of continuous improvement, Aktaş Holding took part in the 28th Quality Congress.
Visit to Odelo Farba Factory in Bulgaria

Aktaş Holding Human Resources and Corporate Communications Group Manager Oylum Öztürk Erdem visited the Odelo Farba factory, representing Techno Aktaş, the production facility of Aktaş Holding in Bulgaria, and met with the company officials.
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