E-Bulletins / Issue 63
Preamble- Aktaş Holding Shaping its Future with Team Spirit and Solidarity

I would like to share my thoughts on "being a team", which I see as one of the most important factors that make companies successful. First of all, companies need qualified employees who can create value to be successful. In other words, if the human resources of the company are not qualitatively sufficient, it is very difficult for the company to succeed or to make the success sustainable, no matter how high the financial resources of the company.
File Subject: Team Building and Indoctrination of Teamwork Culture in Companies

Perhaps among the most important criteria for achieving success in the 21st century world is that employees act with team spirit and see themselves as part of "teams". Individuals who are committed to the same goal with a common understanding and who take responsibility and perform their duties in the best way contribute to the success of the team, thus increasing the success of the company.
Aktaş Holding Welcomes IMSIAD Members

Aktaş Holding welcomes members of the Construction Contractors Industrialists and Businessmen Association (IMSIAD) in its Bursa factory (OSB-DOSAB). During the visits where detailed information about the products of Ak-İzo Yalıtım Sistemleri A.Ş., which is the Company's affiliate operating in the Construction Sector and our country’s first and leading EPDM membrane producer, were conveyed and İMSİAD members examined the production stages of Lineflex brand EPDM membranes developed by Aktaş with advanced technology and emphasized the importance of further developing mutual cooperation.
Excitement High at Game of Colors Tournament

The Game of Colors, the first and only tournament organized among the companies across Turkey, saw exciting competitions at the Balat Atatürk Forest. Representing Aktaş Holding in the tournament with such teams as "Haddini Bilbao", "Olympic Limon" and "Queens", Aktaş Holding employees competed in the challenging stages in the "Adventure" and "Intelligence" categories.
Aktaş Holding Visits SAP Experience Zone

Aktaş Holding continues to participate in various technology-related organizations. The company visited the SAP Experience Zone hosted by SAP Turkey and had the opportunity to closely examined new technologies.
Aktaş Holding Adopts The Principle "Our Power, Our Equality"

Aktaş Holding continues to support awareness-raising activities in order to ensure gender equality and to make women more active in business life. In this context, the company participated in the 2nd "our Power our Equality" summit organized by the Women's Empowerment Bursa Platform.
General Achievement Awards

Within the scope of the General Achievement Awards held at Aktaş Holding every 3 months, the awards covering the second period of 2019 were handed at the ceremony.
Bulgarian National Television BNT Interviews Şahap Aktaş in Bursa

Şahap Aktaş, Aktaş Holding's Honorary Chairman of Board of Directors, gave an interview to BNT, Bulgaria National Television, at the Bursa factory in the OIZ and shared the company's success story from the establishment of the company to the present day.
Aktaş Holding Attends the 9th National Moldmaking Summit

Aktaş Holding attended the 9th National Moldmaking Summit organized by Tool Manufacturers' Association of Turkey (UKUB) under the theme "Domestic Mold, Strong Industry".
Mustafa Esgin Pays Visit To Aktaş Holding

AK Party Bursa deputy Dr. Mustafa Esgin visited Aktaş Holding and met with Şahap Aktaş, Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors. Esgin praised the added value Aktaş Holding provides for Bursa and the national economy.
Happy October 29 Republic Day

We celebrate with great pride, enthusiasm and excitement the 96th anniversary of the proclamation of our Republic, which the Great Leader Atatürk described as 'the most appropriate administration for the nature and character of the Turkish nation'.
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