E-Bulletins / Issue 60
Preface: Aktas Holding Comes To The Fore In Competition With Its Focus On Productivity

Productivity is one of the essential elements of business life. While efficient work is one of the most important keys to success, productivity in production systems also plays an important role in bringing businesses to success.
Exclusive File: Technological Efficiency is the Recipe for Success

Integrating production processes with technology is one of the most important criteria for achieving success. Because today, the enterprises which cannot provide efficiency can be seriously endangered by the impact of rising costs over time.
Aktaş Holding Showcases Its 'Environmentalist' Products At The 42nd Building Fair

Ak-İzo Yalıtım Sistemleri, a subsidiary of Aktaş Holding active in the Building Sector and the pioneer and leader in the production of EPDM membrane in our country, participated in the Turkeybuild Istanbul Fair, organized for the 42th time this year, which is the biggest building materials fair of the region, hosted by Istanbul. Ak-İzo showcased at the fair for its visitors from all over the world its Lineflex branded and environment-friendly products offering new generation waterproofing solutions.
Aktas Education Foundation - Interview

I'd like to make some suggestions that might be helpful to students. Besides the monetary scholarship, a variety of opportunities can be provided to students in terms of vision. The students can be invited to the general events organized or to the company and with one-on-one meeting with the people in that sector, they can develop their vision.
"Aktas is Talking" Project is Live Now

Aktas Holding has launched the 'Aktas is Talking' project with the aim of ensuring that its employees, whom it considers to be its most valuable source, can share their ideas directly with the management, while continuing to proceed with their forward-looking goals with confidence.
Health Meetings at Full Steam

The health meetings project implemented by Aktas Holding with the aim of protecting and improving the health of the employees continues to yield positive results. Under the leadership of dietician Pinar Yaprak, 19 Aktas employees have managed to lose 77.4 kg in total since 12 March.
11. Anniversary Excitement in Techno Aktas

Techno Aktas, the Aktas Holding company in Bulgaria, enthusiastically celebrated its 11. anniversary. Unity and togetherness came to fore front in the celebration, which was participated by the senior management of Aktas Holding.
Oylum Ozturk Erdem Met The Students Of Uludag University

Aktas Holding Human Resources and Corporate Communication Group Manager Oylum Ozturk Erdem attended the Business Administration Master’s Program Organizational Behavior course and supported the students of Uludag University.
Special Thanks to Aktas Holding

Undersigning important projects on social responsibility, Aktas Holding was awarded with thank you plaque by Nilufer Private Education Vocational High School for the support it has provided to date.
Aktas Holding Employees Established The Bridge Of Heart With Nursing Home Residents

Aktas Holding employees visited Ali Osman Sonmez Nursing Home Elderly Care and Rehabilitation Center in Eid al-Fitr and shared the bairam enthusiasm of nursing home residents.
General Success Awards Were Presented To Their Owners

The performance award system within Aktas Holding is in full steam in order to involve employees in business processes and contribute to the development of the company. In the first quarter of the year, high-performing employees were presented with certificates of achievement and awards at a ceremony.
July 24 Journalist and Press Day - Celebration Message

The July 24 Journalist and Press Day, which is the 111-year anniversary of the abolition of censorship in the Turkish press, has an important place in the development of our country.
July 15 - Democracy and National Unity Day

On July 15, 2016, the treacherous coup attempt against our state was made ineffective due to the resistance of our nationality and respected martyrs.
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