E-Bulletins / Issue 59
Preface: "We Contribute To The Future With Environmental Friendly Approaches"

The consumption of Natural Resources and environmental sensitivity are among the most important issues that are closely related to humanity due to the rise of industrialization. The factors like rapid population growth, climate changes due to global warming, wrong consumption habits, and the rapid pollution of the Environment, Water Resources and air have reached a level which starts to threaten the future of the world.
Exclusive File: Environment Centered Production Approach

Environmental pollution, which is closely related to all humanity and importance of which is felt more clearly every day, causes damage to almost every living thing in nature, either directly or indirectly. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) reports of 2016, 12.6 million people are losing their lives every year because of environmental pollution.
Aktas Holding Became the Sponsor of 10. Aftermarket Conference

Aktas Holding gave sponsorship support to TAYSAD Aftermarket Conference, which opens its Gates for 10. times this year and becomes the platform which automotive sector professionals gather together to discuss today and future of the sector.
Techno Aktas Sponsored 8. International Vintage Car Rally

Techno Aktas continues to support various organizations in the region. In line with this, the company sponsored the 8. International Retro and Vintage Cars Rally (MARITSA).
Oylum Erdem Told the Path to Success to Students

Oylum Ozturk Erdem, Aktas Holding Human Resources and Corporate Communication Group Manager, took part in the APEX'19 Career Summit organized by Yalova University Business Club as a speaker.
Aktas Holding Supports The Art And Artist

Aktas Holding continues its support for social benefits through its 'value creation' approach. The company sponsored the San-Klernet Chamber Music Workshop event, which was held within Uludag University and attended by famous artists Michiko date and Ilian Iliev.
Aktas Holding Family Gathered Together at Iftaree Dinner

Aktas Holding family gathered together at iftaree dinner in order to enjoy the spiritual atmosphere of Ramadan and to consolidate the spirit of sharing. Unity and togetherness came forward in the iftaree dinner.
Aktas Holding Family Celebrated Ramadan Feast

Aktas Holding family met at the traditional bairam greetings ceremony before the Ramadan Bairam. During the greetings, all employees were there together with Aktas Holding's senior management.
June 5 - World Environment Day

Several factors such as rapid population growth, climate changes due to global warming, wastes unconsciously discarded into nature, unhealthy urbanization generate air, water and soil pollution, while this situation threatens the future of the world and humanity.
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