E-Bulletins / Issue 56
Preface: Aktas Holding Continues to be a Role Model for the Sector with its Innovative Approaches

In today's world where information society and economy are dominant, the speed of technological advances is directly related to the ability of companies to make a difference in the competitive environment and to produce information and new technology.
Exclusive File: Future Plan of Export; R&D and Innovation

In today's world, companies are trying to make a difference and stand out against their rivals under an intense competition pressure. In our current and ever-changing era of technology, enterprises that attach importance to R&D activities and ensure their continuity, and whose innovations can be implemented, have a competitive advantage in the long term.
Great Honor from the Contemporary Education Cooperative to Sahap Aktas

Sahap Aktas, Honorary President of the Board of Directors of Aktas Holding, was awarded with the Local Education Award by the Contemporary Education Cooperative (CEK) for his great support to education.
Aktas Holding Made Its Mark in National Press

Iskender Ulusay, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aktas holding, continues to represent the company in the National Press in the best way. Participating in the "Ekonominin Notlari" Program aired on NTV, Ulusay became a live guest of the "Piyasa Hatti" program aired on Bloomberg HT screens.
Iskender Ulusay Participated in 54th Group Land Vehicles Sub-Industry Sector Meeting

Aktas Holding Chief Executive Officer Iskender Ulusay participated in the Extended Sector Meeting organized by Istanbul Chamber of Industry 54th Group Land Vehicles Sub-Industry Professional Committee.
Social Responsibility Activities Continue in Aktas Holding

Placing great emphasis on social responsibility activities, Aktas Holding supported the organization Feed My Starving Children, which was organized in the United States to contribute to the nutrition of children fighting against hunger in Africa, South America and the Far East.
"Communication" Training was realized at Aktas Holding

Aktas Holding keeps the speed of the trainings regarding the professional and personal development of employees. "Communication" training was held with the participation of Aktas Holding Management Team.
8 March International Women's Day

Making great contributions to the formation of contemporary civilization with their roles, our women are the architects of a peaceful, healthy and modern society and they are the symbol of love, respect, sacrifice and tolerance.
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