E-Bulletins / Issue 55
Preface: Digitalization Journey by Aktas Holding Continues Rapidly

The world is witnessing a very rapid change. Our lives are becoming more and more digital and mobile every day. This rapid change in technology has a direct impact on the way of doing business. At this point, the automotive sector in which we operate is coming to the fore as the sector where the digitalization is experienced in the fastest and most intensive manner...
Exclusive File: 'Key to Global Competition: Digitalization'

Becoming one of the most talked about topics in the business world today, digitalization is a branch of the new industrial revolution that comes into our lives with technological developments in industry.
Emphasis on Production and Added Value on Aktas Holding Stakeholder's Day

In the Shareholder's Day and Gala Dinner organized by Aktas Holding for its 80th anniversary, the Company welcomed the stakeholders from all around Turkey and the city’s protocol. In both organizations, the message "we must focus on the production and added value with unity and solidarity" came to the fore.
Roadmap Created in 2019 Strategic Plan Evaluation Meeting

In 2019 Strategic Plan Evaluation Meeting organized by Aktas Holding, 2018 performance and 2019 targets of the company were discussed. In the workshop organized, many important ideas were put forward to add value to the company, and at the end of the day-long organization, Aktas employees got rid of their stress with the accompaniment of Alba Orchestra.
Great Interest in Airtech Products at HDA Fair

Aktas Holding's global brand Airtech continues to be the choice of customers all over the world. Joining the HDA Fair in the USA with the Airtech brand, Aktas Holding managed to get full marks from the visitors with its innovative products.
Full Support from Aktas Holding for Industry-University Cooperation

Aktaş Holding became a party in the TUBITAK 2244 Industry Ph.D. Program, which was prepared for the training of qualified human resources with the necessary PhD degree in the industry with the cooperation of university-industry.
Training Activities Continuing in Aktas Holding

The training activities carried out by Aktas Holding in order to contribute to the personal and professional development of employees continue at full speed.
February 9th World Smoking Boycott Day

Smoking is one of the reasons that cause the most death in the world. Smoking causes many fatal health problems due to direct and passive smoke exposure.
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