E-Bulletins / Issue 51
Preface: Aktas Holding Targets Leadership with Digital Transformation

As you all know, the process of digital transformation is of great importance within the scope of Aktas Holding's corporate sustainability efforts. Since the first day, our company has been continuing its investments in information and technology in a determined manner and continues to make a difference in this field with its effective projects on R&D and digital transformation.
Exclusive File: The Contribution of Digital Transformation and Technology Using Skills to the Enterprise

In this direction, the companies that want to move forward with confident steps and to come to the forefront should follow the technological developments closely and take care to present their products before the competitors.
Aktas Holding Takes Its Place In The International Trade Vehicle Show

Aktas Holding, taking place successfully in the sector's most important organizations in the world, participated in the International Commercial Vehicle Fair (IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018) held in Hannover, Germany. During the fair, Aktas Holding conducted productive negotiations with the sector representatives.
Iskender Ulusay Met with the Employees

Aktas Holding Chief Executive Officer Iskender Ulusay met with the employees of Aktas Holding one by one as soon as he came to his new duty and expressed his confidence in all employees on the way to the company's goals.
Main Sponsorship by Aktas Holding to the Conference of Excellence

Aktas Holding supported 7th Continuous Improvement Conference for Excellence held by KalDer Bursa Branch as the main sponsor of the conference.
Techno Aktas Shares The School Excitement Of Students

Daniela Savova, Human Resources Manager of Techno Aktaş, visited the primary school in the Kuklen district of Plovdiv, wishing success to the children on the first day of the new semester. Techno Aktas also made a big candy package for children, sharing the school excitement with children.
Aktas Holding Strengthens Its Effect on Tanzania Market

Exhibiting its products all over the world, Aktas Holding welcomed the seniors coming from Tanzania in Bursa factory, within the scope of global enterprise movements by Ak-Izo in Construction Group, coming to the fore front as the first and foremost manufacturer of EPDM membrane production in our country.
October 29 Republic Day - Celebration Message

And our duty is to protect our republic forever. The way to this is to internalize and apply the aphorisms by Commander & Veteran Soldier Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk; "Every Factory is a Castle" and "We need nothing, we need only one thing; to be diligent" in every phase of our lives.
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