E-Bulletins / Issue 50
Preface: Aktas Holding Is Shaping Its Future With The Production Model Suitable For Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, which is considered as a new industrial revolution in today's world, and the processes involved with the smart factories that come with it have to be analyzed correctly.
Exclusive File: Reflections of Industry 4.0 on the Sector

It has become a necessity for firms that want to exist in global competition environment in the future of the future to adapt to new technologies. In this context, Industry 4.0 is also of great importance.
Full support to the 18th Science Summer School from Aktaş Education Foundation

Aktaş Education Foundation has provided the "Science Summer School" that is organized by İLKYAR for the 18th time this year with support, as it did every year. 130 villager children from teh schools in different countries all around Turkey including Ardahan Çıldır, Bursa Keles, Çanakkale Yenice, Kahramanmaraş Ekinözü, Kars Sarıkamış, Sivas Gemerek, Şırnak Güçlükonak participated in the activity.
Show of Force by Aktas Holding in Automechanika Frankfurt Fair

Aktas Holding, the global actor of the automotive industry, showed its innovative products at the Automechanika Frankfurt Fair, which was held in Germany as one of the biggest meeting of the automotive aftermarket sector with Airtech, the global brand known all over the world. While signing a lot of business contacts during the fair, Aktas Holding managed to get a full note on its products with its technology of the future and its products with high quality standards.
Aktas Holding Participated in Mims Automechanika Russia Fair

Aktas Holding took place at the Mims Automechanika Moscow 2018 Fair, which was held in Russia from 27-30 August 2018 and is one of the most important organizations in the sector. During the fair Aktas Holding undersigned important negotiations with existing and potential customers.
Feast Excitement in Aktas Holding Family

Aktas Holding held a traditional holiday ceremony before the Feast of Sacrifice. The message of unity and solidarity was given at the feast of which all employees of the company attended.
Happy 96th Year of Bursa's Liberation

Bursa was occupied by the Greeks in 1920 after the First World War. This situation caused a great sadness in the whole country.
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