E-Bulletins / Issue 47
Preface: Aktaş Holding Comes to Fore Front in Competition with Branding

We are going through a period when the competition feels very intense in almost every arena and the difference maker can survive in this competitive environment.
Exclusive File: Importance of Branding in Competition

In order to survive and grow in the competitive conditions of the period we are in, companies need to constantly change their products, services and business forms.
10. Anniversary Excitement In Techno Aktaş, The Production Base Of Aktaş Holding In Bulgaria

Being the structuring of Aktaş Holding - one of the biggest companies in the production of air suspension systems - in Bulgaria; Techno Aktaş, celebrated its 10th anniversary with an organization. Speaking in the organization where senior diplomats took place on behalf of Turkey and Bulgaria, Aktas Holding Board Member and Chief Executive Officer Sami Erol said: "Developing customer-oriented relations based on trust, Techno Aktaş, as an important part of global vision by Aktas Holding that celebrates its 80th anniversary this year, is shaping its future journey with certain steps."
Ak-İzo Made A Tremendous Impact With Efficiency-Based Products In 41. Building Fair

Ak-İzo in Aktas Holding's Building Group, which stands out as the first and leading manufacturer of our country in the production of EPDM membranes, exhibited its innovative products at the 41st Building, Construction Materials and Technologies Fair (Turkeybuild Istanbul). In the Fair, which was held in Istanbul on 8-12 May and exhibited by the latest technologies of the sector world scale, Ak-İzo offered its efficiency-based products that make serious contribution to this country and the sector to the likings of visitors, offering waterproofing solutions in many different applications ranging from foundation to roof, front to terrace and pond bases.
Aktaş Holding Made An Indelible Impression In Holland

With its global brand Airtech, Aktaş Holding met with participants within the scope of the organization "Bulthuis Transport Event” in Holland. Aktaş Holding made a brief presentation at the organization.
Aktaş Education Foundation Continues to Work in Orhaneli

Aktaş Education Foundation (AKEV) continues its active efforts for a long time in Orhaneli, one of the mountain regions of Bursa. Within the scope of the visit program that was recently made to Orhaneli, AKEV discussed new business associations that could be done with Orhaneli Municipality and Orhaneli City Council.
Aktaş Education Foundation - Interview

I closely follow the social responsibility projects of Aktaş Education Foundation. With the spiritual and sustainable strength of the foundation, the vision of making useful and affordable investments for the future has always been an incentive for me to take a role model and work together.
Coding Training for Children from Aktaş Education Foundation

The Aktas Education Foundation has made an exemplary application to contribute to the development of children of our future as a 'World citizen’. Aktaş Education Foundation organized 'coding training' for the children of Aktaş Holding employees under the sponsorship of Açık Atölye (Maker) firm.
Definition of Coding? - Açık Atölye

Coding or aka programming is the activity of processing a computer sequence, electronic circuits or mechanical systems into a sequence of instructions.
5th of June - World Environment Day

Human being has a great responsibility for protecting and improving the environment for today and for the future. Particularly due to increasing world population, rapidly increasing industrialization and economic growth, lack of consciousness, the pressure and intervention of mankind over nature is increasing.
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