E-Bulletins / Issue 46
Preface: Aktaş Holding Sustaining its Studies Centered on Occupational Health and Safety

In today's world, one of the most important issues in terms of companies is related to occupational health and safety measures and practices.
File Subject: Occupational Health and Safety for Enterprises

One of the most important problems encountered in working life is undoubtedly the occupational accidents. The concept of occupational health and safety, which has been developed in order to prevent accidents and to raise awareness in this respect, is of great importance both in terms of businesses and employees in today's world.
Kosovo Minister of Trade and Industry Hasani Visited Aktaş Holding

Republic of Kosovo the Minister of Trade and Industry Bajram Hasani visited Aktaş Holding. Visiting Aktaş Holding's production facilities, Hasani praised the company.
Aktaş Holding Hosted the 80th Anniversary of Meeting of Share

Experiencing the excitement of the 80th anniversary of its establishment, Aktas Holding organized ' Meeting of Share', attended by both Bursa press and stakeholder NGO representatives. In the event, success stories since its beginning and future goals of Aktaş Holding were shared with the participants.
Aktaş Holding Participated to the 16th Quality and Success Symposium

Acting in line with its branding vision at global level, Aktaş Holding attended the 16th Quality and Success Symposium organized by KalDer Bursa Branch and BUSIAD. In the event, which lasted for 2 days with the main theme of "Managing Transformation", the valuable speakers met with participants.
Focusing On Global Leadership, Aktaş Holding Improves Its Leaders

Being the pioneer of development and innovations in the sector since its establishment, Aktaş Holding continues its training for its employees, one of the company's most important resources. Most recently, Aktaş realized 'Management Building Stones Training' for managers and team leaders.
Sami Erol talked about Aktaş Holding in Turkey-Bulgaria Business Forum

Aktaş Holding Board Member and Chief Executive Officer Sami Erol took place as a speaker in Turkey-Bulgaria Business Forum organized by Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) with the participation of almost 500 business people from the Turkish and Bulgarian business world.
Full Support from Techno Aktaş to Career Seminars

Aktaş Holding's production base in Bulgaria, Techno Aktaş, continues to contribute to the students. Techno Aktaş supported the Seminar on "Career Guidance, Characteristics of the Market Environment and Motivation" held in Sofia Technical University Plovdiv Branch as being the sponsor of the event.
Together, We Will Eliminate The Handicaps

Being disabled is a situation which can occur / develop outside people's own will, and can be experienced by everyone at any moment throughout life.
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