E-Bulletins / Issue 44
Preface: Aktaş Holding Is Leading The Development Of The Sector With Innovative Products

We are in a period where changes are very fast in every field. As a requirement of the globalized world, the power of responding to the expectations of the future, rather than today’s is highly important for the companies.
File Subject: Keeping Pace With The World In Production

With the fast advancement of technology and increased competition in today's world, the way of doing business has started to change.
Aktaş Holding Met With the Students at Uludağ University Career Exhibition

Acting in view of its vision of branding in the global level, Aktaş Holding met with the students at the 'Career Exhibion' that is organized by Uludağ University, Career Application and Research Center (KARMER) and aims to bring together university students and representatives of the sector. At the exhibition where thousand of students attended, Aktaş Holding's booth attracted a great deal of attention of the students.
Gold Advice From Sami Erol to Young People

Frequently coming together with the students creating our future and explaining his experiences to them, Sami Erol, Aktaş Holding Board Member and Chief Executive Officer met with the HR Summit'18 event organized by Uludağ University Human Resources Community (ULİNKA).
Oylum Öztürk Erdem Described the Business Life to Young People

Oylum Öztürk Erdem,Human Resources and Corporate Communication Group Manager for Aktaş Holding addressed important issues regarding business life at the panel of 'What Kind of Interns and Employees Do We Look for?' organized by Uludağ University Career Application and Research Center (KARMER).
At the 11th Corporate Management Summit, Corporate Management in the Changing World Was Discussed

Corporate Management Summit organized for the 11th time this year by Turkish Corporate Management Association (TKYD), member of board of directors of which is Sami Erol, Aktaş Holding Board Member and Chief Executive Officer, was realized on the theme of "Driving Force of Corporate Management: Flexibility and Reliability".
Aktaş Holding's Journey to the Global is Discussed

In the scope of "EuroKEY Project" that is coordinated by Bursa Governorship, EU Project and External Affairs Coordination Center, several participants from different countries visited Aktaş Holding and obtained detailed information on the reasons for opening out to abroad and interaction with the culture of the countries of investment.
Happy 'Internatioanl Women's Day'

Our women who are the basic element of the unity of family play a very important part in social development and the society's reaching a modern level.
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