E-Bulletins / Issue 42
Preface: Aktaş Holding Shaping the Future with its Culture of Constant Optimization

In the 21st century's world, the rapid changes occurring in the field of economy and technology have caused the markets to globalize rapidly and the global competition structure to change in both structural and dimensional manners.
File Subject: Process optimization

Competition is experienced in every field on the rapidly globalizing new world order. It has become vital to catch a sustainable growth in global markets and to provide customer satisfaction.
R&D Center Certificate from the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology to Aktaş Holding

Offering value added and innovative products to the global markets as a result of its R&D and innovation studies, Aktaş Holding is awarded with the R&D Center Certificate from the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in return for its efficient and sustainable studies in the field of R&D.
Aktaş Holding announces its targets for 2018 with the Process Evaluation Meetings

Within the scope of the Process Evaluation Meetings held by Aktas Holding, 2017 performances of all units in the company, new year targets and future expectations of the company were discussed in detail.
An example contribution from Aktaş Holding to the collaboration of industry - university

Being the leader in air suspension bellows industry in Turkey and among the top three companies in the world; Aktas Holding continues to work universities and educational institutions to grow qualified individuals to society. Within this scope, Aktaş Holding signed an important cooperation protocol with Bursa Technical University.
Şahap Aktaş Met with University Students

Meeting with university students within the scope of the "Interviews with Business World Series -1" organized by the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Uludağ University, Aktas Holding Chairman Şahap Aktaş shared his experience in business life and the story of Aktaş Holding to students.
Significant messages from Sami Erol on transferring to corporateness for family companies

Aktaş Holding Board Member and Chief Executive Officer Sami Erol made significant explanations on transferring to corporateness for family companies in Global Competition and New Trends Summit held by SILIVRISIAD.
Aktaş Holding celebrates the New Year with its employees

Aktas Holding, which has made many successful works in its sector in 2017, has organized a special New Year Event for its employees in its facilities in Bursa Organized Industrial Zone.
January 10 - Happy Working Journalists Day

Press members who pursue the news almost every hour of the day, who are trying to fulfill their duties under difficult circumstances and who fulfill an important public duty reflecting the demands and expectations of the people are among the important building blocks of the democracy.
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