E-Bulletins / Issue 41
Sami Erol / Preface: Aktaş Holding Aims at Sustainable Growth by Focusing on Change

In today's world, there is a rapid change and transformation process. Global competition environment is intensifying day by day.
File Subject: Institutional Change Culture and Sustainable Growth

In today's world, the conditions of global competition have also begun to change. In the face of rapidly evolving technology and forms of management, businesses must survive by making a difference and offering quality service.
Leadership in Entrepreneurship Award to Aktaş Holding

Aktaş Holding, which is one of the largest companies in the world in air suspension system production, was entitled to an award in 'Leadership' category in 'Bursa Entrepreneurship Awards' that is organized by BUSİAD (Bursa Industrialists and Businessmen's Association) and realized for the purpose of supporting the organizations in the city in internalizing entrepreneurship processes and managing entrepreneurship.
Aktaş Holding Exhibits Innovative Technologies At Automechanika China Fair

Aktas Holding, which is one of the biggest companies in the production of air suspension system, represented our country in the best way with the innovative technologies developed through R&D studies at the Automechanika Shanghai (Shanghai) Fair which was held by China on November 29th – December 2nd and which is regarded as one of the meeting venues of the sector.
Quality Education from Sami Erol to Students from Uludağ University

Within the scope of the event organized by Uludağ University Career Center, Aktas Holding Board Member and Chief Executive Officer Sami Erol, who came together with students studying in engineering departments, introduced Aktas Holding to students and shared useful information about quality management.
Aktaş Education Foundation - Interview

That is why Aktaş Holding's place will always hold a special importance for me because of the contributions it provided me to achieve my dreams and help me reach the present position.
Good Feedback for Airtech Products at Agritechnica 2017 Hannover Fair

At the "Agritechnica 2017 Hannover" fair hosted by Germany every two years and regarded as one of the biggest exhibitions related to the agriculture sector, construction equipment and axle producers exhibited machinery equipped with Aktaş Holding's global brand Airtech products. At the fair, Aktaş Holding had the opportunity to visit its current customers and also to see potential markets.
Important Business Contacts from Aktaş Holding in Ukraine

Aktas Holding, which is one of the biggest companies in the production of air suspension systems, strengthened its relations with existing customers in the region and established new business connections within the scope of the "TIR 2017 Fair" organized in Ukraine. Aktaş Holding, within the scope of contacts in Ukraine, held productive meetings at which information about innovations and brand structure and technical information related to company's global brand Airtech was shared with the well-established regional firms Vladislav Comp. and Irbıs-Auto.
December 3 International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Approximately 15 percent of the world population, in other words, more than 1 billion people have lost some of their abilities (become disabled) for various reasons.
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