E-Bulletins / Issue 40
Sami Erol / Foreword: Aktaş Holding Keeps on Moving Forward With Efficiency-Based Efforts

In the rapidly globalizing World, in the view of accelerating urbanization, growing population and onset of depletion of natural resources, countries specifically in recent years commenced to implement policies to maximize energy efficiency.
File Subject: Significance of Environment and Energy Efficiency in Nowadays

Natural habitat of all living creatures, where they relate and interact throughout their lives is known as 'environment'.
New step by Aktaş Holding in Brazilian and South

Aktaş Holding being one of the largest manufacturers of air suspension systems in the World initiated an important cooperation in South American market, on which it places high importance and effectively operates for many years. Aktaş Holding, that entered this regional market in 2008 by establishing Aktas do Brasil, spring production facility, decided to launch cooperation with Ibero Group, Brazil's leading manufacturer of axles and shafts and retailer of trailer spare parts, to offer Airtech products in South America’s aftermarket. From now on, axles and shafts made by Ibero Group shall be marketed together with springs of Airtech, Aktaş Holding’s global brand.
Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology together with UNDP officials visits Aktaş Holding

Project Implementation Team completed series of visits to Aktaş Holding. The overall objective of the Project, implemented by Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology together with UNDP, is to contribute to competitiveness of Turkey through developing models that will enable Organized Industrial Zones (OIZs) to assume an active role in entrepreneurship, innovation and technology development.
Techno Aktaş took part in the Day of German Unity event

Techno Aktaş, Bulgarian production facility of Aktaş Holding, the World's one of the largest air suspension system manufacturers, participated in reception on the Day of German Unity, organized in the city of Plovdiv.
Luncheon meetings with Sami Erol continue

Luncheon meetings of Aktaş Holding Board member, CEO Sami Erol with Aktaş employees, which have become a corporative tradition, continue. These meetings, where Erol shares his knowledge and experience accumulated throughout the professional life, are extremely productive.
International Railway Industry Rail Transportation Standards Shared

With "ISO TS 22163 International Railway Industry Rail Transportation Standards Training" Aktaş Holding has added a new round to the series of educational activities designed for personal and professional growth of employees. IRIS - International Railway Industry Standard was explained in details at the training.
Aktaş Holding participated in World Automotive Conference

Aktaş Holding took part in the World Automotive Conference (WAC 2017) in Istanbul, held for the fourth time this year and bringing together sector representatives from all over the world to discuss the present and the future of this global sector.
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