E-Bulletins / Issue 37
Sami Erol / Preface

As a natural reflection of rapid improvements in information and technology age, various change and transition processes are being experienced.
File Subject: Gain of R&D and Innovation Culture to the Industry

Having an innovative perspective and producing goods/services different from the competitors, is one of the irreplaceable factors of rapidly globalizing new world.
Aktas Holding, Brought Its Vendors and Suppliers Across Turkey Together in 'Shareholder Meeting'

Aktas Holding brought together its vendors, suppliers, and present/potential customers across Turkey, in ‘Shareholder Meetings’ organized in Bursa. In all-daylong event guided by 'We are Stronger Together' slogan, Sami Erol, Aktas Holding Member of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer said, "We are committed to creation of sustainable values. It is one of the basic requirements that our company has adopted since the day it was established, to reach more people and make customer loyalty level sustainable, by widening the retail network of Aktas Holding, adopting the continuous improvement culture all around the world".
Kaizen System Continues To Yield Its Fruits

While extremely successful results have been accomplished until today in Kaizen system, which, Aktas Holding put into practice by aiming process improvement in order to increase employee motivation, Aktas Holding continues rewarding its employees contributing to the present system.
Aktas Holding Employees Add value to the Company with Their Suggestions

Aktas Holding, acting according to continuous improvement culture, continues receiving the suggestions from the employees towards improving working conditions and the company growth. Meanwhile, the company in the course of the ceremony awarded the employees distinguished in Suggestion - Continuity - Near Miss categories within April/May/June.
August 30 Victory Day Celebration Message

We are experiencing the great honor and joy of celebrating 95th anniversary of August 30 Victory Day which is one of the most important milestones in our history and was attained as a result of our people's heroic struggle in unity and with honor.
Mouth and Dental Health Training Has Been Organized

Aktas Holding, placing great importance on training activities, tracing the goal of professional and personal improvement of employees, organized Mouth and dental health awareness training for all of its employees, with the contribution of Dentist Gokhan Yilmaz.
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