E-Bulletins / Issue 36
Sami Erol / Preface

At the point of achieving sustainable success in terms of businesses, employees' sense of belonging to the institution, loyalty and the spirit of being a team within the organization are of great importance.
File Subject: Contribution of Team Spirit to the Corporate Development

Achieving success in terms of both business and private life in today's world arises when many different parameters come together.
Aktas Holding Family Meets at Breakfast

Aktas Holding brought together all the employees and their families who worked in its factory in Bursa, within the scope of the event organized under the name of "Family Meeting", for breakfast and the message "We are Stronger Together" was given in the organization.
Aktas Holding gives Full Support to University - Industry Cooperation

Aktas Holding, which came together frequently with its stakeholders under various organizations, took part in the workshop held at Sabanci University, where digitalization and Industry 4.0 and the digitization processes were evaluated by the eye of university-industry.
Greetings from Aktas Holding to the "Worker Fathers"

Aktas Holding, which has been in the forefront with its sensitive identity on special days and weeks, has signed a meaningful organization for all its employees who are father and father candidates within the company due to 'Father's Day'.
Aktas Holding Announced the Measured Results of its "Environmentalist" Approaches

Aktas Holding, which is one of the biggest companies in the production of air suspension system, brought to light to the "Environmental Benefit Report", in which contribution to environment is included in the scope of cooperation with CEVKO Foundation in order to disseminate sustainable environmental awareness and contribute to the establishment of a sustainable recovery system.
Ak-Izo Leads the Protection of Water Resources in our Country

Ak-Izo, which is within Aktas Holding Construction Group, and is the first and only producer of our country in EPDM membrane production, informed senior officials from DSI General Directorate in order to raise awareness on the protection of water resources in the nature, and on the differences of EPDM membrane usage in Turkey from other materials.
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