E-Bulletins / Issue 34
Sami Erol / Preface

In a globalized world order where a very rapid change process is experienced, businesses face intense competition both nationally and internationally.
File Subject: “Advantages of Investment for Advanced Technology in Competition”

In the current period, Industry 4.0 is often confronted in almost every platform; there are also a number of instances in which companies that embrace knowledge and technology prioritized development strategies and shift their investments to these areas offer considerable advantages over their competitors.
Happy May 19 the Commemoration of Ataturk Youth and Sports Day

The date of 19th of May 1919 is one of the most important milestones in the history of our Country, which is the beginning of the struggle that the Turkish nation wrote a great heroic epic under difficult conditions.
Ak-Izo has been the focus of attention with its latest technology products in Russia Construction Fair

Ak-Izo, which is located within the structure of Aktas Holding Building Group and stands out as the first and only producer of our country in the production of EPDM membranes, is at Moscow Mosbuild 2017 Fair, which was held on 23rd of this year in Russia and is shown as one of the biggest organizations of the world in the building sector, exhibited its innovative and value-added products with the latest technology.
Aktas Education Foundation brought the "Lost Occupations" to the Light through the Traditional Photography Competition in Orhaneli

In the Photo Contest, which was held for the second time this year and aims to increase the interests of the children and young people living in Orhaneli District and the surrounding villages for the photography art and for providing support in their personal development in the scope of social cultural support activities which is one of the activities of Aktas Education Foundation, again the frames one more beautiful than the other arisen. The students in the 14-18 age group, who are attending the competition organized by Aktas Education Foundation with the theme of "Lost Occupations" this year, which is aimed to make all the mountain regions in the whole wider and more traditional, have won the awards in the ceremony with the participation of Mayor Irfan Tatlioglu in Orhaneli.
Ak-Izo Adds Value to 4th Sustainable Water Resources

"Ak-Izo", the first and only producer of our country, which is within Aktas Holding Building Group, and in the production of EPDM membranes, takes place effectively in every platform that preserve the sustainable water resources; in this direction participated in "Istanbul International Water Forum", which was organized this year with the main theme of "Water and Peace" and different aspects of sustainable water resources conservation and development were discussed.
Aktas Holding, did not Forget the Mothers in 14th of May

Aktas Holding, which acts on the foreground with a sensitive identity on special days and weeks, hosted a meaningful organization for all female employees, who were candidates for mother and mother, due to the May 14 Mothers' Day.
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