E-Bulletins / Issue 33
Sami Erol / Preface

Automotive industry and subsidiary industry, which is one of the leading sectors of our country's exports and having the biggest business volume in the world, continues to develop and grow at a rapid pace in the world scale.
File Subject: "Contribution of the Continuous Improvement to Institutions"

In a rapidly globalizing new world order, companies must always update themselves and adopt the constant improvement as a culture, at the point where they can best respond to customer expectations and differentiate according to their competitors at national or international level.
Aktas Holding Exhibited its Advanced Technology New Product Groups at Automechanika Istanbul Fair

Aktas Holding has successfully made its mark with its advanced air suspension systems in the world standards together with the high-tech "Powertech" hose products that are produced with superior R&D works at the "Automechanika Istanbul 2017 Fair" that is considered as the biggest meeting of industry in the sector.
April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's day – Celebration Message

The date of 23rd April 1920 has been one of the most important milestones of our history with the foundation of our Republic and the opening of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.
The Employees of Aktas Holding Relieved Stress in Theater Activity

The employees of Aktas Holding came together in the theater play entitled "The Greatest Fire of Our Love Aksaray" within the scope of the cultural activities held during the last days, and the employees who were watching the game could have a pleasant time by moving away from the busy working tempo.
Aktas Holding is on the stage with 'Airtech' brand in USA Mats Fair

Airtech, which was developed by the advanced technology as a result of the superior R&D studies under the roof of Aktas holding, and which is in the characteristic of being the world's most preferred air suspension system, became a focus of attention of the visitors through the innovative products in the Mid-America Truck Fair (Mats Louisville 2017) that is one of the largest organizations of the industry in the global scale in relation with the commercial vehicles.
Sami Erol is elected to TKYD Board

Aktas Holding Board Member and Chief Executive Officer Sami Erol was elected as a member of the Board of Directors at the 8th Ordinary General Assembly Meeting of the Turkiye Kurumsal Yönetim Dernegi (Corporate Governance Association of Turkey) acting on the mission of recognizing and developing the corporate governance concept in our country, and developing the best practices. Erol will actively take on the responsibilities in Bursa as the first step as an important part of the vision aimed at expanding out of Istanbul.
Techno Aktas Continues to Add Value to Its Customers in Bulgaria

Techno Aktas, which is the production base of Aktas Holding in Bulgaria and which is one of the biggest companies in the production of air suspension system, continues its training activities for the purpose of the development of the customers in the region. In this scope, finally it hosted technical and sales training for Tech-KO Company.
17th of April / Message for the Productivity Week

In order to create and disseminate the productivity awareness in every part of our society, the week covering April 17th is celebrated as "Productivity Week" every year with various activities.
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