E-Bulletins / Issue 32
Sami Erol - Preface

In today's world, where global competition conditions are challenging in terms of businesses, the ability to anticipate the changing customer needs, and the ability to use information in order not to lose the competitive power against global market expectations is crucial in the point of 'differentiation'.
Aktaş Holding Attracted Intense Interest at Uludağ University Career Fair

Aktaş Holding participated in the Career Fair, which was organized by KARMER at Uludağ University during 2 days and which brought together the students and job seekers with the representatives from the business world and enabled them to make internship and job applications. Visitors had intense interest in the stand of Aktaş Holding during the fair.
We Condole to Turkish Metal Syndicate

The unfortunate accident that the bus, which traveled from Bursa to Ankara and carrying the women who are the members of Turkish Metal Syndicate in order to attend the 8th of March International Women's Day events, experienced in Inegol District of Bursa all deeply distressed us.
Sami Erol told the Success Story of Aktas Holding in Line TV Screens

Aktas Holding Board Member and Chief Executive Officer Sami Erol shared the success story of Aktas Holding in the sector arena and its institutional development and transformation process with the audience in the program of "Bursa in Business" that is broadcasted in Line TV screens.
The Training Activities of Aktas Holding Continue

In addition to the successful activities that it has carried out in the sector, Aktas Holding has continued its training activities for the continuous development of its employees, and within this scope Aktas Holding has finally hosted '9001: 2015 Informatization Training'.
A New Global Brand Thrust from Aktas Holding

Aktas Holding, which continues its investment thrust for the future with a focus on digital transformation in line with its global branding vision, introduced its new product line "Powertech" which was launched to produce durable, long-lasting and environmentally friendly industrial hoses at its new production facilities that are equipped with the advanced technology, to the members of the press.
Industry 4.0 Attack from Aktas Holding

Aktas Holding, which determined the 2017 theme of the company as "Leadership with Digital Branding and Marketing" in line with its branding vision at the global level, has taken an important step towards Industry 4.0 in accordance with the understanding of perfectionism and cultural transformation, and has started field analysis work in the company with the participation of important teams from Bosch Company.
Aktas Holding did not Forget its Female Employees in 8th of March – Women's Day

Aktas Holding, who has signed a sample work with sensitive identity on special days and weeks, it enabled Life Coach and Dr. Ilay Yilmazlar with her female employees by hosting the conversation entitled 'Life Balance for Women in Business Life' within the scope of 8th of March World Women's Day.
Aktas Holding was Awarded with the Prize of

Aktas Holding, which acts with the principle of "Human First" since the day it was founded, has been awarded due to its successful works that it realized during the year under the scope of "Respect for the Human" prizes which was performed for the 16th time this year by Kariyer.Net, in order to highlight successful studies in human resources field, and to share with the public.
Aktas Holding is at its Employees' Side...

The ongoing industry wide bargaining between Aktas Air Suspension Systems Inc., which is within the structure of Aktas Holding, and Petrol Is was completed with a contract.
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