E-Bulletins / Issue 30
Preface: Aktas Holding brings Future Technologies to the Present

"The Technology Class" Move in Orhaneli District by Aktas Educational Foundation

Aktas Educational Foundation, which continues its social responsibility activities in full speed, within the scope of cooperation with Erkal Group of Companies founder Fahrettin Gulener, brought in a "Technology Class", where are various small lathe devices took place, in order to develop the skills of the students in İbrahim Husniye Caglayan Secondary School with 350 students in Orhaneli District.
Visit by UIB and Automotive Department

Aktas Holding, which continues to host representatives from the major institutions and organizations of Bursa and our country within the scope of the visit programs realized at different times at its new production facilities that were commissioned at the beginning of 2016, lastly hosted the delegation from UIB and Ministry of Economy - Automotive Department for the purpose of audit and information.
File Subject: Keeping Pace with Technological Developments

Almost everything in today's world has shown a great change in comparison with the past and the present modern age is defined as 'the age of change and transformation'.
Aktas Holding 'Continuity Awards' are granted to their Owners

Within the Rewarding System that is adopted in order to contribute to the motivation of the employees within the body of Aktas Holding; according to the assessments based on the months of July – August and September, 45 employees without any discontinuity “Continuity Awards” and “Thank-You Certificates” were granted through the participation of production managers.
Communication and Conflict Management Training for Employees of Aktas Holding

Aktas Holding, which aims at contributing both personal and professional development of its employees within the scope of periodical training activities, has hosted a new training program with the participation of the Trainer Omer Cam.
5th of December- World's Women Rights Day

As in every society, women have an important place in the Turkish society. Since the date when the law giving the "Right to Elect and Be Elected to Women" was adopted in 1934, the 5th of December is celebrated as the “Women Rights Day” with various events in our country every year.
3rd of December- The International Handicapped Day

The 3rd of December is an important day that has been recognized by the United Nations as the International Handicapped Day in 1992.
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