E-Bulletins / Issue 20
Sami Erol - Preface

A Must for Aktaş Holding: A Culture of Value Creation
TAIDER Pays Aktaş Holding 'Congratulations' Visit

Executive Board Members of TAİDER, an excellent organization which supports the institutionalization of family businesses and their development in a sustainably profitable manner, and thus works hard to ensure that they continue to contribute to our country's economic development, was invited for a visit and hosted by Aktaş Holding at their new production facilities.
File Subject: Creating Value in Corporate Companies

Aktaş Holding receives

Aktaş Holding received the award ‘Respect for People’ for the year 2015 out of hundreds of companies from all around our country evaluated every year at the award ceremony annually sponsored by Kariyer.net, one of the most popular human resources platforms in Turkey. The award is given to companies that respond to 100% of job applicants, create the most jobs, receive the most job applications and hire the most applicants.
Aktaş Holding Entertained Dealers From All Around Turkey In Bursa

Aktaş Holding met with their long-standing and new dealers from all around Turkey in Bursa Organized Industrial Zone at their new production facilities. The current status of the company was the main topic of conversation, and an assessment of 2015 and goals for 2016 were discussed as well.
A Plaque of Appreciation for Sami Erol from AIESEC

Aktaş Holding Chief Executive Officer and Executive Board Member Sami Erol participated as a speaker in the "AIESEC Meets With Its Partners!" event organized by the AIESEC Bursa Chapter, and in addition to telling the students about the importance of a qualified and effective labor force that the business world needs, he said that, as Aktaş Holding, they will continue to support valuable organizations like AIESEC that make great efforts for this cause.
Aktaş Holding Family Lands in Uludağ

Aktaş Holding employees nearly took over "White Paradise" Uludağ as a 42-person group during their trip planned to relieve the stress of their fast-paced work lives and enjoy some time together. Aktaş Holding Chief Executive Office and Executive Board Member Sami Erol was also there with the employees, and everyone had a great time.
February 9th International No Smoking Day

February 4th World Cancer Day

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