E-Bulletins / Issue 16
Sami Erol - Preface

Aktas Holding returned with New Cooperation from ‘GAU 2015’ Monaco Meeting

Aktas Holding, which successfully takes part in the different organizations meeting the sector representatives, operating at the global level, undersigned important business contacts in the organization arranged by Group Auto International, operating in Europe, Russia, Central Asia and Southern America, in Monaco this year and expected to reveal efficient results for the sector at the international level.
Sami Erol: “Scania Firm shall turn into an Important Opportunity for Aktas Holding in the Future”

While TAYSAD realized a significant visit to Scania firm which turned into a very important and large group like MAN after participation of Volkswagen group for developing technique and cooperation, the Chief Executive Officer and Board Member Sami Erol took part, on behalf of Aktas Holding, in the committed where only Aktas Holding was represented from our country for the suspension system. Aktas Holding Chief Executive Officer and Board Member Sami Erol, who signed very important interviews on behalf of Aktas Holding in the interviews with Scania firm aiming at being one of the major powers of the world in truck and bus production emphasized that Scania firm is an important opportunity to develop its cooperation with Aktas Holding in the following periods and turn this cooperation into a global structure.
Techno Aktas hosted RUMELISIAD

Techno Aktas, which is in the status of the production base of Aktas Holding in Bulgaria, entertained the members of the Association of Rumelian Executive Industrialists and Businessmen (RUMELISSAD), who went to Bulgaria to participate in a set of programs regarding the Balkan countries, at its facilities in Filibe.
Aktas Holding-University Cooperation Continues to Produce Its Fruits

While Aktas Holding, which has undersigned the studies, which are more successful from each other, with its cooperation studies with the education-instruction institutions nowadays, has cooperated with Uludag University Industrial Engineering Department finally, the last-class undergraduates in the relevant department of the university shall do internship and get the opportunity of gaining professional experience within the organization of Aktas Holding for 1 year under the implemented project…
“Education Mobilization” from Aktas Education Foundation in Orhaneli

Aktas Education Foundation continues the education mobilization. Aktas Education Foundation provided a great support to the project titled “The Young People Learn Their Culture in Orhaneli” initiated with Orhaneli Education Culture and Benevolent Association, which has been founded to provide scholarship to the dependent students living in Orhaneli, and many organizations.
Social Attack from Aktas Education Foundation

Aktas Education Foundation, which put its signature under the activities, which are more valuable than each other, concerning each section of the society from children to women, from education to cultural life, in the scope of the social responsibility projects, met with the representatives of the associations and foundations of Bursa, undersigned the important activities for social benefit in the scope of the visits throughout the city and exchanged their opinions regarding possible joint activities in the following period.
Aktas Education Foundation brought seedlings with the soil in Goynuklu Village

Aktas Education Foundation, which undersigned example activities in respect of the social responsibility activities, planted many seedlings in the scope of the restarted forestation activities on the way to the district where a large forest area was reduced to ash due to the unfortunate fire experienced on the forest land between Gundogdu and Goynuklu villages in Mudanya District recently.
Aktas Holding Breeze in the Balkan Melodies in Bursa

Aktas Holding, which has undersigned important activities nowadays in line with the efforts to develop the neighborliness bridge between the Balkan states and Turkey, mediated the music feast of world-famous Plovdiv Symphony Orchestra of Bulgaria to the art-lovers of Bursa in the scope of the events of “70th Year Concert of the United Nations Organization” in Bursa as a result of the intensive attempts of the Board Chairman Sahap Aktas.
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