E-Bulletins / Issue 13
Sami Erol - Preface

"World law day"
New investments in Germany by Ak-Izo

Ak-Izo, which is in the building group of Aktaş holding, has visited DURAPROOF company which is among the best companies of the sector in the scope of the meetings she performed in Germany and signed important negotiations for making mutual cooperation while done information sharing related with the EPDM membrane sales with WOLFIN which maintains all water insulation covers other than EPDM membrane in her portfolio and DADO company with Netherland origin.
Aktaş Holding goes on attack in rail systems

Aktaş Holding, made history as the first company which produced the train bellows in Turkey, in parallel with the activities for wide spreading the railway transportation in the country, with the approaches by the state supporting the domestic producer, started to come to the forefront in this area in the sector by making cooperation agreements with the giant companies in the international arena.
Aktaş Holding will continue growing with export oriented production

The Paramount Apron to Ericek Pond in Buyukorhan from Ak-Izo

While Ak-Izo in Aktas Holding Building Group continues to successfully offer the start-of-the-art EPDM membranes, which serves as a protector on the pond bases, for use in the projects different from each other, it finally continues the work of coating the pond reservoir area for water tightness in the irrigation pond recently started to be constructed in Ericek Village in the district of Buyukorhan.
Aktaş Holding will gather the facilities in Bursa under single roof with an investment of 30 million TL

Aktaş Holding, among the biggest companies of the world in the rubber processing area gathers the factories present in different locations in Bursa in her new factory having a giant size for an industrial facility and located in the Bursa Organized Industrial Zone. This new investment thrust of Aktaş Holding signing an investment of 30 million TL has great importance for new markets while it will provide important benefits in terms of productivity.
"Cabotage day"

Aktaş Education Foundation reveals the photography abilities of youth in Orhaneli

Aktaş Education Foundation has added a new ring to her social responsibility activities chain which she has performed with success until today, organized a photography contest called as "colors of my village" in the frame of the cooperation she performs with the Municipality of Orhaneli in order for reintegrating the children and youth in the county to the social life by developing their abilities at the point of photograph shooting.
Significance Of Awareness in Prevention of Occupational Accidents

Aktaş Holding communication team establishes a bridge between management and employees

While the communication team commissioned in the organization of the Aktaş Holding is preparing to have the bridge function between the board of directors and production employees with the meetings to be performed periodically, it is targeted that the team established for obtaining competitive and sustainable success by developing the communication between the institution and employee is targeted to act together according to the work directive established.
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